Bane of the Shadow King

Session 2

Carnys, a druidic apprentice to Elgeon, came to meet the band of adventurers in the dark forest bearing a request by Elgeon himself to meet with them. The adventurers accepted to be guided by Carnys, who led them through the forest over the course of 8 hours to a gigantic tree that served as home for Elgeon. During this time Indicus had been in a coma from the venom of the Faery Dragon and was carried by Diffel.

Carnys asked them to stay back as he went to meet with Elgeon. After a few hours passed, he returned, but was taken down by an unknown assailant.

The team quickly healed Carnys and went on the defensive against the unknown threat. Indicus, passed out and at low health, was the next victim. Thanks to Brad's quick thinking who shot a flaming arrow to the tree on which Indicus was resting, the group was able to prevent his shadow from gaining sentience.

With the knowledge of the threat they were facing, they regrouped and defeated the shadow, not without Carnys and Brad both going down and being brought back (Brad with the epicness of Van Halen's Panama playing from his guitar through the shock of the heal).

As they believed their troubles to be over, 20 shadows encircled them, preparing to attack. At that moment Elgeon himself bust through the door of the tree house and cast away the shadows. The session ended with the group following Elgeon into his enchanting room, awaiting explanations.


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