Bane of the Shadow King

DM Ground Rules

  • I am open to contestation over a rule or way I play NPC, but once I make my decision as to whether I keep it or change it, then we move on.
  • It's my first time DMing so I'm obviously going to make mistakes. If you see me heading towards the wrong path or making a mistake story-wise or whichever, please let me make it and give me DMing feedback after the session, because that's how I'm going to learn best. This is mostly for other people who have DMed previously.
  • Any conflict that happens in the session stays in the session, I don't want these to affect out of play relationships
  • I will let you fight over what to do next as players, that's part of the game. I will not let you fight over the rules. I will make a decision and we will move on.
  • This campaign will be story heavy. NPC will be important and fleshed out. I encourage you to role play as much as possible and to really get into your characters, because I will build around your character personalities and interact with them.
  • I will reward creativity and interaction-based achievements. You will be able to obtain just as much or more XP from avoiding conflict as if you were to brawl.
  • I encourage you to go off the tracks and explore the world.
  • I hope I won't need to do this, but I reserve the right to kick you out of the session. I will give one warning before doing so. If I ask you to leave, you are to leave calmly and we will talk about what will happen for the next sessions privately. No one plays without accepting this condition.


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